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Oh Dude I’m That Mom Totally Telling My Kids About Getting High Behind The Dumpster

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I haven’t done drugs of any sort (except for some bitchin’ pain pills after my hysterectomy) since I was 19-years-old. I can remember ditching class with my friends and getting stoned behind the school dumpster. I also had excellent grades and went on to go to college when I was still in high-school. So even though I don’t want my kids to do drugs, well, at least until they have moved out of my house and I don’t have to know about it, I’ve just always assumed being open with them about it was the best thing.

Even though pot isn’t the drug for me, I know plenty of amazingly successful and smart adults who still get high on occasion. I worry about my kids getting high and getting busted for possession or getting some dusted weed or using weed as a gateway drug to some super expensive and dangerous coke addiction, but I don’t worry about being honest with them about these things. I don’t glamorize my past experimentations, but I don’t hide them from my kid either. I just always assumed hearing from me honestly about the pros and cons of getting stoned was better than hearing from one of their friends that it is the best thing ever.


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