Kid Playing Hide and Seek Launches Police Search Party


A five-year-old boy from Australia is officially the Hide and Seek champion of the world this week after finding a hiding place so good that a police search party couldn’t find a kid playing Hide and Seek.

According to Yahoo News, the five-year-old was playing Hide and Seek with his older brother on Monday, and he hid himself in the back of their mom’s car. It was a good hiding place, but it seems like he dozed off for a nap while hiding, because he didn’t make any noise or sit up when his mom got in the car and drove away.

The boy’s mother was going to a movie with her friends while her husband watched the kids, so she parked in the lot of a shopping center about 15 miles from her house, then she went in to watch the movie.

At some point after that, the five-year-old woke up, and another shopper spotted him in the backseat and called mall security. The boy told the security officers that he was playing Hide and Seek, and he happily unlocked the car and went with them back to the shopping center to find his parents.

Meanwhile, his mother got out of the movie to a series of increasingly panicked messages from her husband saying their five-year-old was missing, so she booked it back to the house in a panic to look for him.

The police were called to help search for the boy, and about an hour later the mall security, having failed to find the boy’s parents at the mall, called police and said they had a five-year-old boy at the shopping center. Not long after that he was safely returned to his relieved parents, unharmed, but with a bit of a big head about being the greatest hide-and-seek player in the world.

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