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Mom Catches Kid Lying About Sprinkles, Internet Offers Parenting Pro-Tips

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shutterstock_59176348Have you guys seen this adorable video Ellen DeGeneres featured on her show Ellen yesterday? It shows a three-year-old by the name of John Boarman that his mom Erica uploaded to You Tube where John gets totally busted for getting into the baking sprinkles. Who can blame him? Sprinkles are the most delicious!

[youtube_iframe id=”3EVzoolYugA”]
What kid hasn’t done this? I have done this. What I found most amusing, well other than the fact that this kid is stone-cold adorable, are all the comments posted on the video by all of the parenting experts in internet-land who are all too happy to judge Erica  regarding how she handled catching her little guy in a flat out fib. Everything is analyzed and debated, from the tone of Erica’s voice to whether or not John is “scared” to tell his mom the truth to how he should be “punished” for lying, and um, as a parent who has had a lot of experience, I can tell you all, that all kids at that age lie. Even if they know what the truth is. Even if they know the difference between right and wrong. Even if they know their parents will or will not punish them. And all kids grow out of it. Well, kids grow into adults who also lie, but very few of them will continue to lie when confronted with the half-eaten bottle of sprinkles on the kitchen counter. I just love how a mom can’t even post a cute video of her kid without having to hear a few hundred comments about everything she is doing wrong.

When you catch your toddler fibbing all you really need to do is talk to them about it, and depending on what they did punish them accordingly. I think explaining to John that mom knew he was lying and washing him up, helping him clean up the sprinkles, and explaining how they are for cooking and not for snacking would have sufficed. And maybe next time to not leave those delicious delicious sprinkles in arm’s reach.

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