Kid Dressed as Godzilla ‘Attacks’ His Mother’s College Classroom

(Twitter / @ngmferguson)

Being a working parent is hard. Juggling a kid’s schedule, extracurricular activities, and other random appointments takes a monumental amount of effort and planning when you also have to work forty hours a week. Things get especially difficult when a kid doesn’t have school. One woman (and my new personal hero) found a way to mesh her job and childcare woes this week when she decided to bring her son to work with her – with a twist.

Erika Biga Lee’s seven-year-old son, Max, had a day off from school for an in-service day. Lee, a teacher at Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing, had a childcare dilemma that she quickly solved by bringing Max along with her to one of her classes. But Max, dear sweet Max, he couldn’t just go to class.

He had to make a statement.

One of Lee’s students, Nathaniel Ferguson, tweeted pictures of Max running through the aisles of their programming class, and the images immediately went viral.

This isn’t the first time Max’s mom has brought him to school in costume. Lee tweeted that last year, Max wore a T-Rex costume to the university. This video is everything I never knew I needed.

Ferguson told BuzzFeed News that Max brought the costume with him to the University, but it was the students who told him to put it on. Lee said that Max was only a temporary distraction in the classroom, and that the majority of her students enjoyed it – but none as much as Max. “Most of them just laugh and enjoy his goofy antics for a moment. Some are uncomfortable I think… They don’t know if it’s OK to laugh. He loves it.”

Keep on terrorizing, Max, you little rascal.

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