Because Saturday Morning Is For Crying Join Me In Getting All Weepy Over This Coming Out Paper For An AP English Class

shutterstock_93788371I can’t stand it! I want to hug the student who wrote this and the teacher who wrote the comments on the bottom of the page so hard! Life sucks as a teenager. Like sucks for so many young people, the bullying, feeling like an outcast, trying to navigate how and where they fit in and coping with their sexuality and everything that goes along with it. As a mom to two teenage boys, I do my best to try and speak openly and honestly with them about all of the issues they face as teenagers but even though I try my best, sometimes it feels like nothing I say or do makes a difference. Life is hard for teenagers, and I personally wouldn’t go through this awkward, confusing, difficult years for all of the money in the world. I hated being a teenager.

I can’t even imagine how much harder it is for a teen who is gay. Not only do they have to worry about judgement from their peers and families, they also have to live in fear of being ostracized and bullied because of their sexuality. Which is why this post found on Reddit has me weeping at my desk this morning.


What a brave young man and what an amazingly great educator for leaving him this note at the bottom of his assignment. The teacher could have easily just graded it and handed it back, but the comments they left are really endearing. Yeah, the world is a sucky place on occasion but things like this give me hope in the goodness of people. I hope the young man who wrote this shows his family when he comes out. And I hope they are proud of him. And if they are not, I agree with the teacher who ended the note “Their loss, my friend.”

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