12-Year-Old Kid Calls Out Cop For Illegal Parking – You Fight The Power Kid!

Kid Busts Cop For Illegal Parking Jeremy Drew is either a truly brilliant child or else he has parents or guardians who really hate the po-lice. When he found a cop had pulled up on a pedestrian sidewalk and parked his motorcycle to go into a convenience store to get a soda he stopped the officer on the way back to his bike to ask him if there was an emergency. When the cop doesn’t reply to Jeremy he asks him if he can have his badge ID number. Part of me thinks this kid is totally awesome and was in his rights to request this officer’s identification and to question him on his irresponsible parking job, but part of me feels like this is a bit too precious to be real. I doubt most kids this age really understand that it is in a person’s rights to ask for an officer’s ID. That being said, the cop is a jerk for not answering the kid or at least copping (See what I did thaaaaar?) to the fact he was parked illegally considering the only crime was the crime of his mouth wanting an extra large Big Gulp.

[youtube_iframe id=”p30WrwL2tWs”]
I hope Jeremy did this on his own and he didn’t have snarky parents egging him on, because making your kid confront a police officer instead of having the nerve to do it yourself is lame. I want to believe that Jeremy is his own little future attorney or right’s protester and mom and dad weren’t waiting in the car after telling him to go bust the cop’s bad parking job. But the cop could have been a lot cooler to Jeremy considering cops should be polite, especially when they are dealing with kids. Would it have killed him to take a few minutes to talk to the kid instead of being all Officer Arrogant to him? I think not.

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