Young Kid Brings A Gun And Sledgehammer To School And Parents Blame Educational Game Minecraft

Minecraft screen shotIf you have kids, chances are they play Minecraft. For those of you unfamiliar with Minecraft, it’s sort of like a video game version of Legos, you can create worlds out of pixelated blocks that you break and place. Minecraft cycles from day to night every 20 minutes, and at the nighttime stages you have to fend off creatures like zombies and creepers, and Endermans. My kids play it, your kids probably play it, and this nine-year-old kid in Orlando, Florida, obviously plays it because he brought with a sledgehammer, knife and gun to his school and told his friends the items were in his backpack. From WTFV:

A judge ordered the boy to home confinement and said his parents need to keep any and all weapons away from him.

The boy’s father said he was playing a character he learned from a video game.

Officials at Endeavor Elementary School on Balcombe Road said the 9-year-old boy told three friends before school that he had the weapons. Those three reported the information to a school resource officer, who found the student and isolated him from others in the school.



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The weird thing is, I don’t think there are any guns in Minecraft. I have seen bows and arrows and chickens but never a handgun. I suppose there could be a mod where you can get a gun.

I think the game is pretty cool for little kids and very educational. I don’t think Minecraft has much to do with this at all. But I guess the boy’s parents would know more than I do when it comes to whether or not the kid brought the weapons to school because he wanted to kill Creepers.

(Image: Tumblr)

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