Khloe Kardashian Mocks Kris Jenner’s ‘Fake Smile’ As She Shills Products On The QVC Shopping Network

Kirs Jenner QVCKhloe Kardashian has always struck me as the slightly more aware of The Kardashian Klan. Ever since that tidbit leaked about Khloe allegedly walking by Kathie Lee Gifford at Kim Kardashian‘s wedding and whispering “I give it six months,” I’ve had the sneaking suspicion that Khloe is quite in tune with the Kardashian bottom line. Which is why this video of Khloe mocking mom Kris Jenner‘s QVC appearance is worth its weight in gold.

Gossip Cop reports that Khloe uploaded this video of herself snickering at Kris prepping for a stint on the QVC shopping network. In addition to identifying and calling out her mother’s “fake smile,” Khloe provides some other direction from behind the camera:

”Work it, Kris. Pose it”¦ look at the fake smile!”

”Oh there ya, go. Work it girl”¦ look at your t*ts, look at your t*ts, they look good”¦ give me that fake smile! Sell that QVC product, b*tch!”

From now on, Khloe should narrate all Kardashian adventures, including but not limited to photo shoots, “Good Morning America” visits, and about every “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” ever. In fact, an entirely separate show of Khloe mocking “Keep Up With The Kardashians” should definitely be in order. Too meta?


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