Someone Tell Khloe Kardashian We Don’t Dislike Kim For Her Baby Weight Gain, We Dislike Her For Being A Famous Do-Nothing

Khloe Kardashian Defends Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Weight GainProps to Khloe Kardashian for defending her big sister Kim against the throngs of pregnancy weight baby shamers out there, which maybe constitutes like ten people, all probably the same DudeBro who is pissy because Kim has a baby growing inside of her and it’s totally getting in the way of her sexy sex sex sexy image. The reason why people don’t really care about Kim Kardashian has nothing to do with the fact she has gained weight with her pregnancy, which is what normal pregnant women do, it’s because the majority of us haven’t figured out how exactly Kim, or any of the Kardashian klan for that matter, are making any of our lives better. Who here wants to raise their hand and tell the rest of the class why Kim Kardashian is famous in the first place? Khole can support her sister and her pregnancy weight gain all she wants, because yay I guess and what a nice sister and I’m sorry you didn’t get the memo that none of us gives a rat’s ass about your sister’s pregnancy weight. From Celebuzz:


And whilst we are all being “critical” here, who wants to be critical of Khloe’s grammatically challenged note and punctuation abuse?!!!?1111eleventy!!!one? Khloe is 28 and she writes worse than my younger kids. “I have no idea how you endure such abuse.” Well, gee Khloe, why don’t you and Kim haul your fat asses (LOL, I am just being a bitch here, because I am still not sure how anyone can call these girls “fat’) down to a battered woman’s shelter and Kim can compare the “abuse” she suffers to some of the other women there? These people are so ridiculous.

And yes, my darling readers, I welcome all of you Kardashian Klan fans to tell me why they are amazing humans and why I should care about them and what good they do in the world, and no, donating a teensy percentage of their vast wealth does not count because I’m not impressed when gazillionaires do this when there are people who live below the poverty line who still budget to donate money to worthy causes. But if you do comment, all I ask is that you think of the consequences of your words…choose them wisely. EYEROLL. (Photo: twitter)

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