Kevin Hart Is Having a Bad Week, as His Ex Speaks Out on Cheating Scandal

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Oh, Kevin Hart. It’s only Tuesday, buddy! Following his video confession and apology for cheating on his wife, Hart’s ex-wife is reportedly feeling vindicated. Torrei Hart discussed her marriage to Kevin in a recent interview, but didn’t address his current scandal directly.


In an interview with Inside Edition that aired on Monday, Torrei opened up about her own marriage to Kevin Hart.

Torrei and Kevin were married in 2003, and divorced in 2011. Rumors of infidelity dogged them throughout their marriage. Kevin and his current wife Eniko married in 2016. However, Torrei says their relationship began during her marriage. The drama kicked into high gear when Eniko shared a wedding photo on their anniversary.

The caption read, “8 years together, 1 year married. Forever to go!” Problem was, Torrei and Kevin had only been divorced for 6 years. Oops!

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Kevin Hart even joked about his cheating during one of his stand-up routines. In Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, he admitted to being unfaithful. “Yes, people. I cheated. Am I shamed of it? No, no I’m not. Do I wish I could take it back? No, no I don’t.”

Torrei says the being the butt of his jokes was incredibly hurtful. “For years, I had to endure that.”

Now that Kevin Hart is embroiled in yet another cheating scandal, Torrei is taking the high road. As someone close to Torrei said, “She’s been able to stay out of the mess…”, and is focusing on her business and family.


TMZ is reporting that a very sexually explicit video exists, of Kevin with an unidentified woman. The FBI is investigating the extortion plot. Presumably, things are going to get a whole lot worse for Kevin. All things considered, Torrei seems to have dodged a bullet.

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