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Kevin And Danielle Jonas Welcome A Baby Girl By Hocking Her Birth Via Dreft Detergent

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Congratulations to Kevin and Danielle Jonas who welcome the birth of their baby girl, Alena Rose, using sponsored tweets by Dreft Laundry Detergent. Proving once and for all, you are never too little to sell your soul, or have your soul sold for you by your celebrity parents. I like Dreft. I used Dreft a lot when my kids were infants, but using them to live tweet details of your labor and delivery is a whole other level of skeevy. Did they need the money or something?

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(Image: Instagram)

(Image: Instagram)


And the whole beautiful and private moment got even more detailed as Dreft basically live tweeted the entire blessed event.

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And maybe this is just me, but isn’t a bit odd to be tweeting all of this because as most of us know, having a baby can be a tricky business and what if something had gone wrong? Were they just banking on everything going perfectly?

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And at the moment of pushing, I guess Danielle could be happy her husband was updating a mess of strangers on the Internets that she was getting ready to expel a baby out of her vagina.

(Image: instagram)

(Image: instagram)

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And then Dreft made good on their promise with this:

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Super cute baby, happy mom and baby are doing well, totally grossed out that another celebrity couple has sold their labor and delivery to another company. I’m sort of interested in seeing how this pans out, and how long this endorsement lasts. Will we be  privy to tweeted and instragm’d pictures of diapers and onesies covered in spit up and other horrifying baby stains as the famous couple show us how Dreft can make amazingly expensive cashmere infant items look brand new again?

I know I’m being all judgy about this, but I think it’s much classier when famous people keep their beautiful and private moments, you know, private. But here’s hoping this Dreft deal pays for little Alena’s future college tuition.

(Images: twitter)