Third Accuser’s Book Adds Credibility & Creep Factor To Kevin Clash Allegations With ‘Father And Son’ Games

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Kevin ClashYesterday, we learned that a third accuser came forward alleging that Kevin Clash, the voice of Sesame Street‘s Elmo, had a physical relationship with him before he turned 18. This latest victim, known only as “John” filed the second lawsuit against Clash since the allegations began. During that legal proceeding, John’s lawyer read an excerpt from his client’s book, in which the young man wrote about his sexual relationship with Clash. The details provide a deeper, more disturbing image of the accusations than we’ve seen this far.

In a video obtained by TMZ, John’s lawyer explains that his client came forward now mostly to provide support for the other accusers. After hearing how Cecil Singleton‘s story closely mirrored his own and seeing plenty of people call the young man a liar, John decided to share his tale as well.

The book this young man wrote in 2009 included plenty of details that point to Kevin Clash. He talks about seeing an Emmy on the mantle of this “successful man” in the entertainment industry. He also gives Clash’s age at the time of the encounter as 43, which matches with the puppeteer’s age when the relationship was said to take place.

In the book, John describes his relationship with the man he refers to as “Mr. Tickler.” He describes the first time that they met face-to-face, in an Upper West Side apartment. In that meeting, John says that he “did not lose his virginity,” but that the two performed oral sex on one another. Later he describes the “game” he played with Clash as being “father and son.”

John’s account gives the most details of Clash’s alleged sexual encounters with underage boys. And the fact that John wrote his book two years ago, though without naming Clash specifically, adds credibility to the claims against the actor. This young man is definitely brave for stepping forward and sharing his tale with the courts in support for his fellow alleged victims.

One thing is for sure, details like the fact that Clash “plied [his victims] with booze” and taught the third victim to “obey your man,” will be hard for the public to forget. If there was ever going to be a second act for the voice of Elmo, those chances have officially ended.