10 Keto Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following

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Social media can be a pill, but it can also be so helpful when you’re looking for support and inspiration! Especially if you’re embarking on a new diet or fitness journey, and you don’t have that support in real life. There are TONS of diet and fitness accounts across every social media platform, so it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re just getting into keto, we’ve got you covered. These keto Instagram accounts have set themselves apart, and you need to click that follow button on all of them.

1. These keto Instagram accounts have lots to offer, from recipes to amazing before and after pictures, like @ketotransformations.

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Welcome back @_nicole.shelby_ for a #featurefollowup! Since my last feature in February, I've lost 23 more inches off my body and 30 lbs and am still going strong! Total 95 lbs and 68 inches total since September 2017. . . My Top 5 Keto Tips: . 1. Hydrate! Cannot stress how important lots of water is with Keto. . 2. Salt! Ensuring enough electrolytes are consumed helps to prevent muscle soreness, and dehydration. . 3. Only eat when hungry. Snacking and alternatives are best avoided entirely if you want overall health and success. . 4. Get a GREAT coach. Never underestimate having someone to reach out, build meal plans, track progress, and be a source of support during your journey. My coach is my lifesaver and I owe her my success. . 5. Stay off the scale! If you're doing Keto for weight-loss, obsessing over pounds will only deter you. Track inches, clothing fitting, and overall improvements to health. . . . #myketotransformation #fitspiration #weightloss #weightlossjourney #ketofam #weightlossmotivation #transformation #fitfam #weightlosstransformation #extremeweightloss #fitness #instafit #inspiration #motivation #fitnessmotivation #beforeandafter #diet #exercise #trainandtransform #beforeandafterweightloss #biggestloser #keto #lowcarb #lchf #ketotransformations

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These transformations are AMAZING. You need to be following this account for when you hit that keto stall and feel like throwing in the towel.

2. Suzanne Ryan, @ketokarma

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I’m in LA for a fun event tomorrow (more on that soon!) and while driving around today I saw a sign that said “Luck is not a good strategy.” Growing up in a home as the only one struggling with weight, I often felt unlucky. Trying countless diets and only gaining more weight each year, I felt unlucky. I remember wishing my luck would change, yet never fully invested in taking action to change my life. Then, one day I changed my strategy. I dropped my excuses, stopped waiting for luck and invested deeply in the mindset and work needed to change. So, take a risk, chase your dreams, and never give up. It’s never too late! #simplyketo #keto #weightlossjourney #mindsetchange #lowcarb #extremeweightloss #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #thankful #ketogenicdiet #ketosis #fitfam #mom #lowcarb #la #california

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When you ask keto people who to follow, Suzanne is always at the top of the list. Her book Simply Keto is like a ketogenic diet bible.

3. Get recipes and advice from @theketobible

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KETO FAT BOMBS! – ? Follow @theketobible for more tips, tricks, and recipes. ?? – ? RECIPE: @wholesumyumblog – Thanks for the awesome creation! – ? INGREDIENTS – 2 cup Macadamia nuts (dry roasted, salted) 2 tbsp Coconut oil (measured solid, then melted) 2 tbsp MCT oil (or more coconut oil for firmer fat bombs) 1 tsp Vanilla extract (optional) 1/3 cup Powdered monk fruit sweetener 1/4 cup Cocoa powder – ??‍? INSTRUCTIONS – Pulse/puree macadamia nuts into a food processor or high power blender, until mostly broken down into small pieces. Add MCT oil, melted coconut oil, and vanilla. Continue to puree until nut butter forms. (Try to get it smooth, but if you can’t get rid of some stray pieces, that’s okay!) Scrape down the sides as necessary. Add the cocoa powder and sweetener gradually, a couple tablespoons at a time. Puree after each addition, until smooth. Line a mini muffin pan with parchment liners. Pour or spoon the batter evenly into each liner, about 1/3 of the way full. Freeze for at least 30 minutes, until solid. Use salted macadamia nuts. If yours are unsalted, add some sea salt to taste. ?Turn on notifications for daily recipes! ? – – #lowcarb #weightloss #keto #motivation #weightlossjourney #theketobible #lchf #eatfatlosefat #healthy #ketogenic #fat #lowcarbdiet #ketojourney #lowcarblifestyle #ketogenicdiet #ketosis #ketomeals #lowcarblife #ketodiet #lowcarbhighfat #lowcarbmeals #ketoliving #sugarfree #homemade #recipes #foodie #fatforfuel #ketorecipes #zoodles #theketobible

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Never find yourself at a loss for what to make with the amazing recipes over at The Keto Bible. Chocolate fat bombs? Yes please.

4. Another one of the best keto Instagram accounts: @peaceloveandlowcarb

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Its been a while since I posted any progress pictures. I assure you that doesn’t mean than I am not still working hard towards my goals. I’ve talked a lot on this page, and in my books about the importance of conquering the mental and emotional side of weight loss. To me, this is the missing piece to lasting change. Figuring out the emotional baggage and how it translates to physical baggage is often times a lot harder than eating right and exercise. As I have continued to work on the emotional, as well as the physical, I have transitioned into a sort of peace that I never really felt before. Processing and working through my feelings has helped me to love the skin I’m in. While I am still a work in progress, I don’t look in the mirror and rip myself apart like I used to. Instead I think of all the things my body does to support me on a daily basis and I feel grateful. Instead of focusing on excess skin or stretch marks, I focus on the hints of definition as I chisel my body back to its former state of health and wellness. My story is still being written and through a lot of hard work, honesty with myself, and grace, I am learning to love every word, every page, every chapter of that story. If you are reading this and you are struggling, just know that you are not alone! ??

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Kyndra Holley is an international best-selling author, extremely relatable, and has a very cute doggo. 10/10, would follow again.

5. Partners who diet together, stay together! @keto.connect

Delicious recipes, gym-spo, and even more cute animals. When are people going to realize that sprinkling in pictures of dogs and cats is always recommended??

6. Sometimes you just need a straight-up recipe account to follow, like @simpleketodiet

They post daily keto recipes guaranteed to get you out of any kitchen rut!

7. I personally like when things are simplified, like @ketomadesimple does with the keto lifestyle.

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iPhone camera is still broken, so this was taken with the selfie camera. Not bad actually! ?? This is a bacon cheeseburger, extra patty, from @fiveguys (no bun). I got it with mayo, mustard, pickles, jalapeños, grilled onions and mushrooms. So good… and it tastes even better now that the kids are back in school. I can finally eat lunch, sans pants again ??. Ps, you CANNOT get unlimited bacon. A few of you have told me that you can get extra bacon for free, but you’re all liars. ?? Still love you tho. Happy Tuesday! ♥️♥️ ________________________________________________ #ketogeniclifestyle #ketogeniclife #ketogenicliving #ketorecipes #keto #ketoaf #ketosis #ketofood #ketodiet #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #ketoresults #atkins #atkinsdiet #paleo #paleodiet #eatfattolosefat #eatfatlosefat #ketocommunity #ketomadesimple #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #lchfdiet #lchf #ketofam #bacon #bodybybacon #ketomadman #ketotransformation

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Julie Smith proves it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated to work!

8. When you’re just starting out on keto, you’re going to want to follow keto Instagram accounts that make it easy, like @ketogenic_kitchen

Some people need to start out slow and easy, and some these recipes can made with stuff you probably already have in your kitchen!

9. Watching real people like Leanne Vogel succeed is a huge inspiration, so follow @healthfulpursuit

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I'll be the first to admit that I don't LOVE veg like other people. Sure, it's good… but only when it's with something else… like some sort of fatty sauce. I feel off when I haven't had vegetables, but I'm not one of those chicks who can sit around chomping on cucumbers all day. ? That's why I feel like I was meant to be keto. It's a perfect balance of eating the vegetables I need while getting to actually enjoy them with toppings like bacon, creamy sauce, olive oil, and all the tasty things! ? How do you like incorporating veg into your keto diet? My favorite? THIS DIP! (Google "Healthful Pursuit BLT" for the recipe) ? #keto #ketoveg #ketolife #ketorecipes #lowcarblife #healthfulpursuit

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Leanne shares her keto journey in little squares, and also on her keto podcast, which is fantastic.

10. Jen Fisch over at @ketointhecity_ is a best selling author and shares some amazing recipes and discounts.

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Make this tonight!! ❤️ Cauliflower Pizza Crust is my jam these days and this one topped with Prosciutto and Arugula is DELISH! Cauliflower Crust is a great alternative to FatHead, just make sure you squeeze out the excess moisture in the cauliflower. Swipe for full recipe! ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I will share a new recipe every Friday from #thebigbookofketo until it ships on 9/4. Please support and pre-order on Amazon today! Link in bio ❤️⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #keto #ketodiet #ketorecipes #ketoweightloss #ketosis #ketolife #ketogenicdiet #ketofam #ketogenic #ketofood #ketocommunity #ketolifestyle #ketofriendly #lowcarbdiet #lowcarblifestyle #lowcarbhighfat #ketoAF #fitfood #paleo #atkins #atkinsdiet #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #LCHF #recipe #cauliflower #pizza

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You really can’t have too many keto recipes, and I’m sorry, follow her because PIZZA.

These keto Instagram accounts are a great place to start for recipes, ideas, and support on your keto journey!

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