Another Video Of A Burnt Out Teacher Goes Viral And Proves Our Teachers Need More Support

82144310__1385146153_142.196.167.223Another day, another story of a teacher losing it in class. Is it just me, or is this happening a lot more frequently? Are our kids getting less behaved, or are our teachers not getting the support they need – or is it a little bit of both?

A video of a Kentucky teacher going off on her students went viral this week. She seems to be really annoyed that her students are not performing well academically. Okay, I’m putting it a little mildly. She is f-ing pissed:

On a video one of her students’ parents posted, she allegedly says, “All you do is waste space.  You’re just taking up space.  You’re breathing air somebody else could benefit from.  You need to stay home and be home schooled.  People got big old “Fs” in my room.  They’re lucky if they have a three percent — three percent!  Don’t do diddly squat!”

An angry parent posted the video on Facebook – because that makes so much more sense than going in and showing it to administrators. This behavior I don’t really understand. The parent defends her choice of posting the video to Facebook by explaining, “I would like to see a safe environment for our kids, no child should fear their teacher. I was frustrated and angry and I put it on Facebook because no child, period, anywhere should be called a waste of space or waste of oxygen.”

I agree with that. This teacher definitely crossed a line. Is it that there are just some people that should not be teaching, or are kids today actually not trying as hard and getting less and less respectful? Honestly – I don’t know if it’s either. I think this is an isolated incident of a stressed-out teacher crossing the line with her students. I think she should be disciplined and given another chance. And I think all of these situations speak to a larger problem of continuously funneling money out of our education system and not furnishing teachers and administrators with the tools they need to improve curriculum and get students more interested or the money they need to do it.

Teachers are burnt out. Instead of acting like their problems exist in a vacuum – we need to prioritize teachers and education and work harder to find solutions. Getting irate about one teachers burnt-out rant isn’t going to really help anything.

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