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Kendra Wilkinson Announces She’s Pregnant By Shilling With #Sponsored Pregnancy Test

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kendra-wilkinson-pregnantKendra Wilkinson announced she’s pregnant with her second child via a sponsored tweet from Clearblue pregnancy tests. #Clearblueconfirmed!

“Round two! Here we go! :)” read her tweet, which showed a Clearblue pregnancy test, one of those brand spankin’ new ones that tells you exactly how pregnant you are, down to the week. Kendra’s apparently 3+ weeks preggo.

Kendra’s Twitter selfie got me thinking: How early is too early to share that you’re pregnant, especially if you’re a celebrity? Of course, we have no way of knowing how far along in her pregnancy Kendra is, it’s not like she shared her due date (ALTHOUGH she said she and her husband were trying back on August 5th, so hmmmm). She could have saved that little hunk of pee-stained plastic for a few months, or even saved a photo from her initial test on her phone. Still, the implication of her photo is that she’s still pretty early in her first trimester. And first trimester pregnancy announcements kinda sorta seem risky.

Let’s not forget that a not insignificant number of pregnancies end in miscarriage. The Mayo Clinic says it’s about 10-20% of all pregnancies and WebMD reports that 80% of miscarriages occur in the first three months.

It’s exciting and life-changing to be pregnant. Of course you want to tell friends and family (or, if you’re a celebrity, your whole Twitter feed). But I can’t help but thinking how sad it would be if (god forbid) Kendra were to miscarry her baby and then have to make a public announcement about her family’s loss. An acquaintance of mine recently shared she was pregnant at five weeks, but when she went to her eight week ultrasound, there was no heartbeat. I imagine it made the miscarriage considerably more difficult, having to tell friends and family that there was in fact, no baby, after everyone had shared in her happy news.

I realize I’m making a lot of assumptions here, both about Kendra and her pregnancy and about possible feelings that she and other women might have. Sharing the news of a pregnancy is highly personal and subject to all kinds of individualized factors, like if you’ve had previous miscarriages, if you have other children, any possible health conditions and exactly how annoying your mom has been in her needling you for grandchildren on a scale of one to shut the fuck up. And, if Kendra or someone else were to experience a miscarriage, maybe she’d want a lot of public support, so it wouldn’t matter that she had shared her pregnancy early, I don’t know.

Still, I can’t help but think that the old rule of thumb, aka sharing your pregnancy once you’re safely into your second trimester, makes a lot more sense, especially if you’re famous, and especially in our ridiculously saturated social media age. We’re probably going to be seeing a lot more #sponsored pregnancy tweets from celebrities, though, if Kendra’s tweet (and Melissa Rycroft‘s) are any indication. That means the celebrity bump watch game is just going to get that more intense, since now we’re starting from the freaking pee stick as opposed to the “Did she eat a burrito for lunch or is she pregnant?” paparazzi shots.

What do you think about Kendra’s announcement? When did you tell friends, family, and social media followers that you were pregnant?

Photo: Kendra Wilkinson’s Twitter