Kelly Clarkson’s Baby Tasting Nutella for the First Time Is All of Us

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Do you ever wish you could go back in time and re-live the experience of experiencing something for the first time? Well you may never quite recapture the moment  you tasted Nutella for the first time, but watching Kelly Clarkson’s baby tasting Nutella for the first time is the closest we might come to having it for ourselves. And it’s stinking cute.

Clarkson handed her baby a piece of toast with Nutella on top, and then she grabbed her camera because she knew River’s reaction would be something to save for the ages.

“River, do you like Nutella?” Clarkson asks, as a chocolate-smeared River says, “Yeah.”

“You like it? It’s pretty good?” Clarkson has the tone of voice of someone who’s been waiting to give her kid a present and is enjoying the payoff.

Moments like that are a treasure. My dad’s in his 70s, and he still talks about the first time I tried a milkshake. One of the more surprising things about parenting is how much fun it is to give kids things! Now I understand how kids get spoiled by their parents. I’m as selfish as they come, but anymore I’m like, “Forget that new Chanel eyeshadow quad. I want to see my kid’s face when I get her a new Doc McStuffins toy!” Resisting the call to just bury the kid in piles of toys and cookies and presents is one of the hardest things about parenting, but you know you have to because otherwise they turn into Veruca Salt, and nobody wants this. So we have to be all responsible and boring and parental and just dribble out these moments when we get them, and Kelly Clarkson sounds like she’s sure enjoying getting to give River Nutella for the first time.


River’s so cute! She reacts to that Nutella with a little wiggle dance that is absolute gold. Most adults can relate. That’s pretty much how we feel when we eat Nutella, too.

Of course, the comments on Clarkson’s page are full of killjoys who want to momsplain that Nutella has a lot of sugar and is not particularly healthy, as though that is a newsflash to anybody capable of reading a nutrition label. We all know it’s not healthful. It’s spreadable chocolate. Do they think Kelly Clarkson mistook it for spinach?

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The person trivializing actual child abuse by comparing it to a piece of toast with Nutella on it should have all her emojis taken away until she learns some perspective.  Meanwhile, this is me: