Kelly Clarkson Responding to a Surprise She Really Needed Is So Real

Every mom loves and deserves a girl’s night out/girl’s getaway. I recently had a birthday and all I wanted to do to celebrate was to have a night out with a friend. Kelly Clarkson is just like all of us in a video she posted to Instagram a few days before her birthday. In the video, which has gone viral for obvious reasons, Clarkson, mom to two toddlers, is seen putting together an anagram made for her by her friends as they sit around her. In true mom fashion, Clarkson is seen with no makeup, sweatpants and a messy topknot as she puts together the clue.

Honestly, it’s hard to tell what’s better, the hashtags (#sweaty #morninghair) or her reaction to the surprise (#whereisthegirlstrip).


When she finally figures out the message “Pack your bags, we’re going on a girl’s trip,” she totally loses her cool and gets as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

In that moment, Kelly Clarkson is every mom who FINALLY gets the thing that she’s been coveting. Her excitement is so palpable that it jumps right through the screen and you can’t help but be excited for her as well.

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“We’re not telling you where, we leave tomorrow night.” Her friend says off camera. Her eyes light up with a mixture of excitement, joy and mostly relief. Clarkson’s youngest son, Remington just turned one a couple weeks ago, and her daughter River is two and a half in addition to her stepchildren, who are tweens. You can tell that homegirl needs a BREAK.

“Wait, what?” She asks as she sits back and looks at her friends, expecting them to be totally faking her out. When she jumps up from the table, take in her outfit. Her gray tee shirt is covered in splotchy stains, and she is not wearing a lick of makeup. She is going through it, and the fact that she is a celebrity willing to reveal herself not looking her best is a testament to just how awesome Kelly Clarkson actually is. There are many regular moms who would never allow themselves to look like that on camera. When her friends tell her that her mom and sister will be joining them on the surprise trip, Clarkson looks genuinely grateful. “I’m gonna cry!” she tells them while clutching her chest.

Based on the pictures that she uploaded to Instagram since, it looks like she had a blast, and that they went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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