‘Keep Calm And Rape A Lot’ T-Shirts Pulled From Amazon In the Worst Take On Meme Ever

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rape-1-522x293Thanks to some justifiable Twitter outrage Amazon.UK has pulled a line of T-shirts emblazoned with the chipper and empowering message “Keep Calm And Rape A Lot” sentiment printed on them. The online clothing store, Solid Gold Bomb, claims they had no idea they were offering the shirts for sale. Because yeah, most stores have no idea about what products they sell. First the company claimed they had no idea they were selling them, and then they said someone else had printed them, and then they probably blamed you for having something to do with the production of these shirts because it sounds like they just can’t get their damn facts straight. From The Daily Mail:

Someone claiming to represent the firm initially wrote on the Facebook page: ‘These ‘Keep Calm’ shirts were computer generated and we didn’t even know we had a shirt that says that … as soon as we realised this, we immediately deleted them.

‘It takes time for them to be deleted.

‘I was the person responsible for running the script that generated the t-shirt, not the company, not any other individuals.

‘I appreciate everyone’s comments but please, accept this as a mistake as we certainly do not condone “rape”…’

The company and Amazon had those matter brought to their attention after Twitter commenters took to the Amazon product page to voice their disgust at the company for offering such a terrible T-shirt.

This doesn’t actually surprise me that much. We have written a lot about offensive T-shirts on Mommyish before, and instead of just going with “Do Your Parents Know You’re A Whore?” this company just cut to the chase and basically said what all the other offensive T-shirts are really saying – Just go ahead and rape women all ready. The company and their excuses also fall a bit flat since numerous people pointed out they also sell a shirt with the phrase “Keep Calm And Hit Her” written on it.

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