Keep An Open Ear…And An Open Mouth

As parents, we tend to stick to routines and sometimes find ourselves getting stuck in a rut. Whether it’s eating the same things, reading our kids the same books, or listening to the same music we did in high school. The people at Miracle Whip are encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone and keep an open ear by trying out new artists or genres of music they may not have in the past, much like they ask everyone to keep an open mind about their product.

At Mommyish, we pride ourselves on having strong opinions on the topics we cover. However when it comes to the music we listen to, a strong opinion may keep you from discovering the next big thing. That music you thought you hated may actually be something you want blasting in the car to drown out the four kids in the back seat you are carpooling around.

We look to Facebook and other social media to ask our friends what the best stroller is or if they have any ideas on what to make the kids for dinner, so why not use it as a platform to discover new music?

While you’re friend may have given you bad advice on that casserole you tried last week, they could know some great new song that may change your life.

So throw your preconceived notions of the music you think you like out the window and keep an open ear, you may be surprised at what you hear. And always remember to keep an open mouth to Miracle Whip.

This post is sponsored by Miracle Whip.

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