Katie Holmes Learns All About Co-Parenting & Holidays, Suri Spends Thanksgiving With Her Dad In London

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tom cruise and suriIt is a difficult “first” to get through, the first holiday you don’t spend with your child because they’re with your ex. Mine was a Christmas morning two years ago. For Katie Holmes, it was this Thanksgiving. Little Suri Cruise visited her dad, Tom Cruise, in London.

According to tabloids, Tom hadn’t seen Suri since August. He’s been in London for months working on his latest movie, All You Need Is Kill. (I wonder what that’s about…) So the holiday gave the little girl an opportunity to travel to the UK without missing any school. I’m sure she was thrilled with the chance to see her dad.

However, I also have a first-hand knowledge of what Katie Holmes was going through on this first holiday without her daughter. The actress had a day off from her Broadway show Dead Accounts and went to visit family in Ohio by herself. It’s not easy to go through the family traditions without your little one there to share in them. It’s hard to deal with comments and questions from your extended family, who miss your daughter as well. We all know that it’s important for divorced parents to share the holidays, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Even though it’s not simple, it is important for co-parents to share these holidays. It’s important to let your child know that both sides just want them to be happy, to enjoy their holiday. Katie Holmes, who has primary custody of her daughter, will have lots of time to cuddle and maybe even eat a little turkey with her daughter some other time. This weekend was Tom’s turn to bond with Suri. Hopefully they had a wonderful time, and the little girl will make it back home safe and sound in time for school on Monday.

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