Katie Holmes Wisely Tones Down Her Divorce Publicity With Cancelled Red Carpet Appearance

Katie Holmes I don’t know if you live in New York City, but Katie Holmes is a highly sought after lady in these streets. Since her open and shut divorce to Tom Cruise, the Big Apple is Katie’s town with paparazzos documenting her every Whole Foods trip, staking out her church, and reporters working overtime trying to figure out where little Suri Cruise is heading to school this fall. So between rumored “secret entrances” into grocery stores from her apartment and her pretty methodical divorce checklist, Katie has emerged the heroine in her own tabloid narrative. Such is the mark of not only a fantastic publicist who deserves a fat raise but also of a mission accomplished. But now that the divorce documents have been settled and full custody has been achieved, Katie appears be distancing herself from that divorce press right quick.

E! reports that Katie was scheduled to appear in her first — highly coveted — first red carpet appearance since divorcing Tom. I can just imagine the press practically salivating at the chance to see freshly-divorced Katie appear at the Dizzy Feet Foundation gala. To add to that predictable “She’s An Independent Woman Now!” headline is the tidbit that Katie co-established the foundation three years ago, which reportedly helps support American dance education. So Katie is returning to her passions! She’s making time for her own pet projects! She is fiercely representing her foundation! She is — not going to be there, guys.

Katie got what she wanted from taking her divorce public, including winning the public’s favor and empathy. She may or may not have had dirt on her ex-husband that she was willing to leverage to secure custody of her daughter. But now that all that’s behind her, she’s ducking out while she’s ahead. Another well-played move by Team Katie.

(photo: TNYF/WENN.com)

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