That Time Katie Holmes Had A Completely Normal NYC Parent Run-In With Ethan Hawke

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Katie HolmesI live in New York City and the saying is true. You never know when you’re going to run into anybody. People from high schools, old employers, ex-partners, and even the kids I used to babysit who are huge now and recognize me while I’m buying soymilk. Even though it’s a big metropolis, running into each other on this tiny island happens more often than I would personally sometimes like it too. So when Katie Holmes was out roaming the city without Suri Cruise, I wonder what crossed her mind when she looked up and saw Ethan Hawke with his kid. Do you think they talked strollers? Allergies? Private schools in Manhattan?

Daily Mail captured a truly New York City moment when a seemingly paparazzi-free Katie recognized Ethan on his own apartment stoop with his 1-year-old daughter Indiana in his lap. Katie was reportedly just strolling by when, like a lot of us, she recognized a face and just started chatting. No, it’s not a still from an indie movie, although it very well could be.

The spying press failed to get any read on their conversation, but I imagine Katie perhaps asking after his nanny turned wife Ryan Shawhughes (you know, from when he was still married to Uma Thurman?) and his other three children. He probably asked after young Suri  and maybe high-fived her on that awesome child support she secured for her little girl. But then there was most likely the wish-washy plans about getting together for brunch followed by maybe some talk of a playdate real soon. You know, like all the NYC parents do.

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