In Another Well Played Move By Team Katie, Child Support For Suri Is Golden

Katie HolmesKatie Holmes‘ divorce settlement is enviable. In a move that that sorely alludes to the working mother wanting a clean split — and fast — Suri Cruise‘s working mother got no spousal support whatsoever. But the kid is set for life. Mission accomplished.

TMZ reports that the mother and father decided on Tom paying $400,000 a year in child support until Suri is 18, which comes out to a little over $30,000 a month. Tom is reportedly also financially responsible for all of Suri’s health costs including dental and insurance, as well as education, college and extracurricular costs. All in all, Tom is looking at a complete child support bill of $4.8 million (not including those additional costs). Considering that the average child costs nearly a quarter of a million dollars, Tom’s bill is pretty steep. But so it goes if you’re procreating in HollyLand.

Katie was apparently in a position to get more money for her daughter if she dragged the case before a judge. But she and Tom wrapped up their business at lightening divorce speed. Nevertheless, this is a big co-parenting win for the mother who procured sole custody of her little girl.

Another curious stipulation in settlement says that Suri is to attend a “residential school” until the age of 18, meaning no boarding schools or questionable Scientology boot camps in the name of education. One of the speculated reasons that Katie initially plotted a divorce in the first place was due to Tom’s reported insistence that his daughter attend Sea Org, a ”hardcore Scientology organization.” If that’s the case, then mama Holmes did well on this one. Go Team Katie, go!


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