Katie Holmes’ Divorce Check List (How Does Yours Stack Up?)

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Katie Holmes Divorce

Is it just me or is this Katie Holmes divorce narrative beginning to suggest that Tom Cruise was a super controlling spouse?  In what reads much like the plot line to Jennifer Lopez’s film about domestic abuse, Enough, Katie Holmes had reportedly began planning this divorce for awhile with everything from alternative apartments to secret cell phone numbers to putting on a “doting wife” face for Tom. And with terms like “meticulous planning” and “escape plan” all over the tabloids, my mind can’t help but envision an emotionally abused Katie covertly plotting her getaway over her iPhone with baby Suri Cruise asleep in the next room.

The wife and mother may not have a psychological or physical scratch on her, but her rather robust efforts to conceal her intentions from even her other half suggest that she viewed Tom as some kind of threat. Her reasons, whether they pertain to those crazy Scientology rumors or otherwise, have yet to be confirmed. But her pattern of behavior reveals a very methodical plan to get the hell out and keep her baby safe, an intention that many women who have left abusive partnerships know all too well. So between reaching out to her parents and keeping a poker face in the home, Katie appears to have had her whole exit pretty well thought out.