Morning Radio Host’s Water Breaks Live On Air And There’s Audio Of The Pandemonium

Kathie JI’m one of the only women I know who had the television movie-style experience of having my water break outside of the hospital. It was embarrassing as hell hilarious. And I’m sure my ex-husband is SUPER glad that he’s not the only person to put his foot in his mouth in such a situation.

Kathie J, a (then) very pregnant Denver, Colorado morning radio show was completely caught off guard when, LIVE on the air, her water broke on Wednesday. Her oh-so-tactful co-host Kendall B was busy introducing another story, but when he noticed the watery shenanigans that were going on next to him, exclaimed “Oh my God, gross! That is SO…Did you just PEE?”

I give this woman all the credit in the world because she didn’t miss a beat, and continued to laugh and joke along with him as he went on to say “Code red!” and imitated sirens. After letting him get a few jabs in Kathie J asked (in mock panic) “What do I do now,” in which her co-host replied “Call your husband for God’s sake!”

According to Kathie J’s section on the KS1075 blog, Kathie gave birth to her first daughter at the Swedish Medical Center in Denver, and going into labor was a complete surprise because she wasn’t due until the next week. If you ask me, I don’t think it was too much of a surprise. No one actually gives birth on their due date (except possibly Kate Middleton).

(Photo: Facebook)

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