Kate Middleton Wants To Have A Boy, But Prince William Is Holding Out For A Little Princess

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kate middletonRemember that supposed slip with Kate Middleton was said to accidentally reveal the sex of the future royal heir? I think it’s been officially debunked. Either that or Kate and Wills are getting sneaky with the press.

During a St. Patrick’s Day ceremony yesterday, everyone’s favorite royal reproductive service was chatting with Guardsman Lee Wheeler about her upcoming bundle joy. Wheeler later told the press, (which by the way, you can probably expect the cold shoulder from Kate at the next royal ceremony buddy) that he asked the Duchess if she knew whether they were having a boy or a girl. Presumptuous guard, this one.

Supposedly, Kate responded that while they don’t know the sex of the baby yet, the Duchess would like to have a little boy, while Prince William is holding out for a girl.

The admission is interesting given the interest everyone had in the new laws surrounding the law of succession. There were rumors that Kate wanted to wait until Parliament officially changed the laws so that if she had a girl, the little one would ascend to the throne before her hypothetical younger brother. It’s possible Kate was still concerned about the issue, but it looks like she doesn’t want to test the new succession out.

Or maybe all of the scrutiny and loss of privacy, the nude pictures and constant attention, have taught Kate just how hard royal life is, especially for females. Maybe she worries about how that could effect a daughter. Maybe she wants a boy because she’s always been in to sports.

Or maybe we have no idea why the Duchess could possibly want a boy, or why the Prince wants a girl. Maybe they’re normal people who have random opinions just like the rest of us for absolutely no concrete, logical reasoning.

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