Kate Middleton’s Selling Power Eclipses Anything You Find On Social Media

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kate middleton

Image: Dutch Press Photo/WENN.com

If you’re familiar with the social media landscape, then you are probably aware of influencers. You know who we’re talking about, right? Instagram users with significant follower counts and outreach who post about products they “love”. It can be clothing or jewelry or even some cockamamie weight loss supplement. Whatever is it, you know good and well that person doesn’t actually use the product. No, they were paid (probably quite well) to promote it. Social media influencers have become quite the industry. And brands rely on their posts to boost sales, to varying degrees of success. Some influencers boast pretty substantial selling power. But none of them, not even the most “influential”, can compete with Kate Middleton. Pound for pound, the Duchess does more to fuel sales just by stepping out of the house than any IG post from an influencer.

Kate Middleton isn’t a social media influencer. Hell, she doesn’t even use social media! But Kate can drive trends and selling power just by putting on a pair of earrings.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Kate Middleton is photographed wearing a particular designer, and within hours, that style is sold out all over the world. It even has a name: the “Kate Effect”. Her popularity is so immense and far-reaching that people want to hold any tiny piece of her that they can, even if that is just the same dress as she wore that one time. The world loves Kate Middleton! And designers love her even more.

Jewelry designer Annoushka Ducas is lucky enough to be a favorite of Kate’s, and she says the Duchess has had a massive impact on her sales.

Kate Middleton has been wearing Annoushka’s designs since she first bought a pair of baroque pearl drop earrings during a visit to her store. The earrings aren’t terribly extravagant – Kate paid about $410 for them. But wearing them on her tour of Australia in 2014 ended up being priceless for Annoushka. She says, “She is her own brand, and she is internationally well known and that drives traffic from all over the world.” Annoushka also says that Kate has had a “phenomenal” effect on her sales. We see the same influence when it comes to what Meghan Markle and the royal kids wear, too.

So if you’re a designer, don’t worry about trying to get influencers to peddle your goods. Put that energy toward getting Kate Middleton to wear them. Her stamp of approval is invaluable.