Gird Your Loins Because A Royal Push Present For Kate Middleton Is Happening

royal baby picsKate Middleton pushed out a human some weeks back so, naturally, it’s time for the next big thing for everyone to gawk at — no, not her “post-baby body” — her push present! Prince William is on this irksome trend like chocolate on your toddler’s face!Daily Express reports that although Prince William did consider plucking a piece from his late mother Princess Diana‘s collection, he has reconsidered, and is instead working with THE QUEEN’S JEWELER to craft his own special princess brooch:

He knows that Kate prefers simple, modern settings and would like to give her something that could equally adorn a Zara day dress as an exotic evening gown…”William has been giving this a lot of thought for a long time,” confided a member of his inner circle. ”He’s got lots of ideas from studying history of art at university and decided on a pink diamond as a centrepiece because it is pretty and feminine. It will be a thank you present to Kate.”

Brooches are fine and dandy, but if I was duchess who could officially tout my occupation as “princess,” I would kindly ask my prince/princess to show his commercial gratitude with AN ISLAND with a castle on it where I could invite Eve Vawter over for cupcake parties. It would look like this:

And by royal decree, everyone would have to dress like this:

Preferably with wind fans.

(photo: WENN)

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