Those Prince William and Kate Middleton Affair Rumors, Explained

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Regardless of how this plays out, divorce isn’t an option.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for eight years, and it’s certainly not unusual for couples to experience ups and downs in their relationship. We’re sure the added pressures of being royals and heirs to the throne don’t help. Not to mention, the constant media scrutiny! But they remain committed to one another and their family. The Us Weekly source says, “They’re still going strong. Regardless of their ups and downs, they love each other dearly and their kids are the most important thing in their lives.”

The cheating allegations shook royal watchers and fans.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are consummate royals – they are always smiling, never cross, and dedicated to their posts within the royal family. Clearly, they are a couple in love, and wholeheartedly focused on their family and three young kids. Which is why the cheating rumors surprised so many people. No one could believe that William and Kate’s relationship wasn’t as rock-solid as it appears, and given what happened with his mom and dad, it seemed like cheating is the last thing he would ever do. Also, people are REALLY fond of Kate, and were dismayed to hear she might be hurting.

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