Kate Middleton’s New Photos Of Prince George And Princess Charlotte Are So Cute Your Ovaries Will Explode

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prince-george-princess-charlotteDammit, Kate Middleton. I was just scrolling happily along on the Internet this weekend looking for pictures of cats, and you had to seed Twitter with photos of your impossibly adorable royal babies that are so cute I think I might be pregnant again.

And it’s not  just me who took one look at the new royal baby photos and experienced what can best be described as a full-body “Squee!” I think I heard the woman next to me at Starbucks start ovulating. And my husband took one look at this photo of Prince George kissing his baby sister and has not stopped talking about having a second baby ever since.


It’s not hard to see why the photos, which were taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself, are enough to make a person think of having a whole pile of babies. Her babies are awfully cute. But more than that, these photos contain all the aspirational marketing power of Pinterest, concentrated into a single photo.



Look at all those clean, white surfaces. If my house were that clean, sure, I’d have another baby. I’d have 12 more babies! Nobody with a couch that clean has any problems in his or her life.

And look how crisp and pressed little George’s shirt is, and how perfectly smooth and parted his hair is. That does not look like a child who has ever bitten someone’s nipple and laughed, or reached into his own diaper to find something to throw. That looks like a perfect little angel in pristine, unironic throwback clothes. His socks aren’t even wrinkled. And he kisses his little sister so sweetly that Anne Geddes took one look at this and decided she might as well retire.

And Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is wearing the most pristine cashmere onesie. That is not a newborn who wakes up every two hours or puts random, dangerous things in her motuh. That is a newborn who quietly relaxes in her bassinet and contemplates her mobile while her mother takes a shower and has a nice, quiet breakfast.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be watching YouTube videos of screaming children before I forget how babies work and do something dumb like have six more babies or buy a white couch.

Photos: Twitter/KensingtonRoyal