Kate Middleton Might Be Waiting To Couple Her Pregnancy With Gender Equality

Kate MiddletonEver since Kate Middleton and Prince William married in April 2011, International Royal Baby Watch has commenced. From the moment of her balcony kiss, the entire world — or rather just media — seems to be waiting with a breath perhaps more bated than that for any baby bump of Angelina Jolie or Victoria Beckham. But while the press has their “Kate Middleton Announces Pregnancy!” copy already tucked away and ready, many continue to speculate as to why the princess has yet to get with child. Infertility rumors may cloud some stretches of the Internet, but some new legislation in Parliament might illuminate Kate’s actual reason for waiting.

The Daily Beast speculates that the Duchess of Cambridge has waited an entire year — an eon in royal time — and will perhaps wait even longer for a baby because of changes in the rules of succession. As we reported not too long, times they are changin’ as Parliament is looking at some new rules that would name the firstborn, as opposed to the first male, next in line for the crown. The change, an idea which reportedly originated in Buckingham Palace, is still being mulled over by officials and could be for some time. And in the mean time, Kate and William are looking to avoid as many future toddler tantrums as possible:

The Commonwealth prime ministers have announced that, whatever the new law says, the rule will be retrospective. So William and Kate could, in theory, go ahead on this basis and produce their baby straight away or whenever they like, leaving the politicians to sort out the succession status of the child after the event.

But what if William and Kate produce twins, a boy and a girl, and the girl comes out first? Under the existing law her younger brother will be first in line until the rules are changed when the succession will be yanked away from him to be bestowed on his sister.

No one from the royal family has confirmed such musings on why Kate hasn’t made the bearings of her uterus a top priority since her marriage. But if she and the Prince are ensuring that their hypothetical daughter will have the same accessibilities as their son, I’d say that’s something worth waiting for.

(photo: Anwar Hussein/WENN.com)

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