Kate Middleton Discharged From Hospital, Free To Hide In Her House For The Next 6 Months

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Kate Middleton Just when the media and paparazzi were really starting to get an entrenchment going outside of Kate Middleton‘s London hospital, the Duchess has been released. After spending three nights at the King Edward VII Hospital, Kate’s hyperemesis must be under control. Now, the mother-to-be and her husband Prince William can retire to their home and try to wait out the media frenzy surrounding their pregnancy.

Ever the gracious royal, Kate was nice enough to give the vigilant media a short statement as she left the hospital. She told reporters, “I’m feeling much better, thank you,” as she walked out with a bouquet of flowers in hand. A relieved William walked by her side.

The palace immediately put out a statement that the couple was doing better and would heading home for a, “period of rest.” The obvious implication being that we shouldn’t expect glowing Kate and her baby bump to be out and about in the next couple of months. Lots of people believe that the Duchess’s illness forced them to reveal her pregnancy sooner than they had liked. The couple might want to spend the next couple months trying not to feed the Royal Baby Mania.

Already, obnoxious prank callers have fooled the hospital Kate was staying at. Reports said that the media swarm surrounding the hospital was intense. If I were Kate, I would be hiding out in one of her husband’s many estates as well. It’s hard enough to be pregnant with an heir to the throne. Who needs people examining your every move?

There will be one exception to Kate’s “period of rest,” however. She’ll be attending the church with the royal family on Christmas Day at Sandringham. I have a feeling that Duchess Catherine will be getting some rather wonderful holiday gifts this year.

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