Mark Your Calendars: Kate Middleton Announces The Royal Baby’s Due Date

Kate MiddletonI have good and bad news this morning. The good news is that we now know the royal baby’s due date. The future prince or princess is due to be born in July, and to never celebrate their birthday by bringing cupcakes into school. (Sorry summer birthdays!) The bad news is that this means we still have a full seven months of talking about the royal baby and Kate Middleton’s uterus ahead of us. Seven months is a long time my friends.

This morning, the PR team for the royal family announced that Kate Middleton is due in July. The fact that they made this announcement on a Monday morning does not bode well for exactly how many times we’re going to read about this baby in-utero. The Palace press people obviously want each and every story about the future heir to make news and grab headlines.

Before the announcement, speculation put Middleton’s due date in May or June. Most expected that the couple would have waited to announce the pregnancy until after the 12-week mark, when women are much less likely to lose a pregnancy through miscarriage.

The newly confirmed July date means that Prince William and Duchess Catherine announced their joyous news even earlier than that, most likely due to Kate’s hospitalization with extreme morning sickness, known as hyperemesis.

The only other substantive bit of information to be had from the latest Royal Baby Update is that Middleton is definitely not carrying twins. There’s just a single, angelic, gold-plated fetus in that tummy of her’s. A single baby that will inherit a pretty awesome crown, whether it is a boy or a girl.

So let’s all mark our calendars. If the hoopla over this birth is anything like the royal wedding, we’re all going to need the day off so we can sit at home and watch a live feed from the hospital’s birthing center. Just make sure to stock up on lavender shortbread biscuits for the occasion.

(Photo: WENN)

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