Pregnancy Rumors Abound After Prince William Allegedly Drops A ‘Big Hint’ And Kate Chooses Water Over Wine

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Kate Middleton and Prince William 2014 Australia TourEven the future King and Queen Consort of England can’t escape the celeb baby-rumor-mill. Everyone’s favorite princess, Kate Middleton (sans mom-hair) and Prince William are currently on a royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, and P-Willy caused an international ruckus when he allegedly dropped a massive hint about a possible brother or sister for Prince George. Seriously, everyone from news sources like The Sunday Times to “news sources” like The Daily Mail reported on this story, so you know it’s totally legit (sarcasm, oh sweet sarcasm).

According to the baby-bump-patrol, Prince William was visiting a war memorial in Cambridge, New Zealand, where he was introduced to a woman named Cynthia Reed. Reed was commissioned by the New Zealand government to knit a wool shawl for Prince George (which I’m sure is just perfect for his post-baby body). William reportedly thanked Reed, and added this little tidbit, “You might have to make another one soon!” Hmm. I dunno, sounds a little gift-grabby to me, don’t you think?

Reed later told reporters that “Prince William spoke in a tone that she interpreted to be as if he were dropping a big hint.” That must have been a hell of a shawl if this is how he’s choosing to break the news. Reed went on to say:

“The way William said it was like he was dropping a hint…letting me in on a secret.“

Hate to break it to you, William, but methinks your new BFF is terrible at keeping secrets. This is the second “big pregnancy hint” of the week. On April 10th Kate and William attended an unveiling of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. At one point there was a toast and according to reports, William’s glass had wine in it while Kate’s …GASP, only had water! My word! With this type of irrefutable proof, they might as well drop the act and parade Kate around in this:

I mean, there’s no way Kate could actually want water instead of wine. It’s not like she’s on an exhausting international tour half way around the world with a toddler in tow. Oh wait, that’s EXACTLY what she’s doing. Perhaps she wanted to abstain because she’s freaking tired? Wine plus jet lag does not make for a happy traveler, princess or no princess. Not to mention that the first time around Kate experienced a wicked case of hyperemesis (aka morning sickness’ evil twin) which means it’s highly unlikely that The Palace would schedule a huge tour if she were actually preggers.

Sorry media guys, but I think you dropped the ball on this one. But never fear, there’s always Jennifer Aniston to speculate about!

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