Kate Middleton’s Super Special Pregnancy Craving Cannot Even Be Purchased

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Kate Middleton PregnantWhat has (perhaps laboring) Kate Middleton been craving throughout her pregnancy? Strawberries dipped in solid gold? Bonbons made from the milk of mythical goats? Unicorn fairy dusted candies? You’d be way off.

Us Weekly reports that K Middy has been all about some non-spicy vegetarian curry. But don’t leave your unborn child nameless and book your ticket to the UK just yet. You can’t even buy Kate’s stellar non-spicy vegetarian curry because it’s made special just for her by people who don’t even own a restaurant:

the 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge has been feasting on vegetarian curry. Chan Shingadia, owner of Bucklebury’s Peach’s Spar store, tells Us Weekly that Middleton has been enjoying homemade dishes prepared by his wife, Hash Shingadia, who was a guest at the royal wedding in April 2011.

But how did Kate Middleton come to procure her homemade curry, reportedly made of potatoes, peas, black lentils, spinach and cauliflower. Dude, her SUPER DUCHESS sense of smell:

Because the dish is not officially sold in stores, Middleton only discovered it after she “smelled something delicious” while visiting the store three years ago, Chan tells Us. He explained that it was his wife cooking upstairs and offered to give her some to take home. Since then, the University of St. Andrews graduate “has made repeat orders,” Chan says.

And those “repeat orders” have definitely been happening while she’s expecting. This means that should Shingadia choose to hypothetically crank up that spicy factor a notch, the royal delivery date is in his — or rather his wife’s — hands. TEXT ME. (Or Eve Vawter)

(photo: WENN)