Kate Middleton Was All Smiles At Her First Post-Hospital Public Appearance

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Kate MiddletonMorning sickness? What morning sickness? Kate Middleton looked positively radiant at her first public appearance since her hospitalization for hyperemesis. The Duchess of Cambridge was said to be cancelling all special events until after Christmas, but she popped up at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony.

Prince William was no where in site when his lovely wife hit the stage on an Alexander McQueen gown. Instead, the carrier of the royal baby shared the spotlight with another famously pretty person from the UK. She presented two awards with David Beckham.

The two gave out the most prestigious honors of the night. Kate handed the Lifetime Achievement Award to four-time Olympic medalist turned politician, Sebastian Coe. Then, they gave the Personality of the Year Award to cyclist Bradley Wiggins, who won both Olympic gold and the Tour de France in 2012.

As celebrity bloggers and fashion gurus alike will sure to point out, there was absolutely no hint of a “baby bump” on the Duchess. Obviously, she’s still early into her pregnancy, as well as going through a very serious illness. It’s not surprising that Middleton wouldn’t have that tell-tale protruding abdomen just yet.

It is nice to see that Kate is feeling well enough to resume some of her public engagements. This appearance is more than a week before the Duchess was supposed to return to her busy schedule. It’s also one of her first, aside from a quick photo op leaving the hospital, since pregnancy news was revealed to the world.

With all of the media craze surrounding Kate and her pregnancy, it seems like most of the viewing public would understand if she hid herself away for the next ten months completely. Instead, it looks like the royal figure will be continuing her appearances with more publicity and news coverage than ever.

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