When These Children Heard They Were Meeting A Princess, They Expected Elsa, Not Kate Middleton

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460156634When it comes to super powers, being able to control ice is a lot cooler than just being able to always have a perfect blow-out regardless of weather, so I imagine a group of Harlem schoolchildren was a bit disappointed yesterday when human bottle of shine serum Kate Middleton came to meet them and turned out not to be Elsa from Frozen at all.

Yesterday, non-magical princess Kate Middleton met with children at the Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem to wrap presents, but according to The Telegraph the children had gotten it into their heads that the princess who would be visiting them was Elsa from Frozen.

“They thought she was the Princess from Frozen,” said Rose Ann Harris, the center’s director for early child development. “When they heard she was coming they thought it was Elsa – we said a Princess and they got a Princess.”

The kids were apparently OK with the royal bait and switch. When the Duchess of Cambridge came in, they all shouted, “Princess!” And even though she did not have a sparkly dress or cool ice powers, according to Us Weekly she had been warned in advance that the children were obsessed with Frozen and would expect her to live in a giant ice palace, so she just rolled with it.

“Do you really like Frozen?” she asked the kids. Then she handed one little boy a pack of stickers to stick on his friends.

She might not have actually been Elsa, but a grown-up with stickers who asks kids to talk about Frozen is basically the next best thing, as far as they’re concerned. And some of those kids definitely went home saying they met Elsa at school yesterday.

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