Kate Middleton Has A Fancy Duchess Maternity Leave And She’s Taking It Soon

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kate middleton The 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's CoronationAt least somebody around here is getting a decent maternity leave. Kate Middleton may be a Professional Princess, complete with photo-op duties and speeches to give, but she will be checking out to go do some serious maternity leave come next week. I’m considering volunteering for the temp role myself.

The Huffington Post reports that the duchess, who took a babymoon some time ago, will be finishing up her royal duties, hanging up the crown, and preparing to birth an heir:

“Kate has really enjoyed her job and wanted to work as close to the birth date as possible,” the source said, but as you may recall, she is prone to pregnancy-related illness. June 13 will mark Duchess Catherine’s “last official solo engagement,” when she is slated to christen a cruise ship.

“She takes her royal role very seriously and is looking forward to taking up her duties when her maternity leave has finished,” the source said.

It’s speculated that Kate will not return to the international press tour that is her life until 2014, meaning at least six months off with said baby. It almost goes without saying that that’s probably paid time off complete with a staff of servants, a pretty palace, and scores of baby presents.

Buckingham Palace, I hope you guys included that stellar maternity leave in the job package description. Trying to rival Yahoo, I see.