Kate And Wills Ordered Post-Labor Pizza Just Like They Are Common Peoples

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wenn20504833__1374575179_74.134.205.46A lot of you moms may have felt the same way I did after going through the strenuous work of having a baby – starving. They don’t call it labor for nothin’ amirite? And just like Kate Middleton, a lot of us weren’t too keen on the idea of rewarding all of our baby-havin’ efforts with sketchy looking meatloaf and a lukewarm pudding cup from the hospital cafeteria, so we celebrated the birth of our babies with a takeaway. With my second child, my husband went to one of our favorite restaurants and brought back some gorgeous risotto and steaks and a bottle of Veuve and one of the nurses actually BOOZE shamed him and told him we weren’t allowed to have it. I think I maybe had half a glass before he had to cork it and take it home with him, which seemed pretty stupid considering we had a private room and we all know how damn expensive it is to give birth in a hospital. I was only planning on having one glass anyway because I was so tired and it wasn’t like we were doing shots of Jäger on the hospital bassinet. I bet no one made The Duchess Of Windsor feel bad when she enjoyed her post labor snack. From The Daily Mail:

As crowds of jubilant well-wishers mobbed the front of St Mary’s tonight to celebrate the birth of the new third-in-line to the throne, the Royal couple’s bodyguards made another important delivery out of view.

Royal close-protection officers were seen delivering two pizzas to the rear entrance to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her son this afternoon.

The plain-clothes policeman arrived at the discreet back entrance to St Mary’s at 8.45pm, having left ten minutes before the Palace made the announcement of the Royal birth.

His timing suggests that, having given themselves several hours private time after the birth of their son, the Duke and Duchess are now ready to settle down and observe the national celebration their happy arrival has prompted.


I have no information on whether our very favorite guard was involved in this pizza fetching or not. Nor do I know what sort of pizzas were ordered, but because they are in London I bet they are really good pizzas. I suppose there is a chance that these pizzas weren’t even delivered to the royal parents, and like maybe Pippa wanted pizza or something, but because it fits into the narrative I want to believe I shall go with what the Daily Mail claims. I love thinking of these adorable new parents cooing over the little princeling and noshing on pizza, just like they are all domestic and common like the rest of us.

And nowwwww, I want pizza. And now you have to tell me what you ate after having your baby, even if it was only graham crackers and ginger-ale from the family waiting room.

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