Kate Middleton Is In Labor According To The Ultra Reliable Source Of Twitter

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You know how this game works. Put your ear to Internet ground (i.e. Twitter) for the worst game of telephone ever and hear all kinds of unfounded speculation. According to today’s digital rumor mill, Kate Middleton is in labor:

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ScreenHunter_54 Jul. 11 10.51black smoke k middyScreenHunter_59 Jul. 11 10.58

Of course, not all are convinced.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.46.52 AMScreenHunter_57 Jul. 11 10.56Guess we’ll just have to park ourselves outside the LIVESTREAMING OF KATE MIDDLETON’S HOSPITAL to find out. Pull up seat next to Eve Vawter and I and throw around baby names in the comments.

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