Busybody Doctors Concern-Troll Kate Middleton’s High Heels During Pregnancy

Kate-Middleton-Peplum-Pregnant-Fashion-MaternityI did not wear high heels while pregnant and would have been willing to engage in fisticuffs with anyone who tried to make me, but busybody doctors who do not treat Kate Middleton should mind their own business and stop moaning about her wearing “dangerous” high heels while pregnant.

In between bouts of worrying if she’s gaining enough weight or gaining too much weight, or if she’s getting medicated for her severe morning sickness, clearly it’s time to worry about if Kate Middleton is endangering the royal fetus by not wearing orthopedic shoes on her state visit.

“The risk of stress fractures, bursitis and capsulitis (inflammed ligaments) are increased when a pregnant woman routinely wears heels,” said Dr. Isaac Tabari of the NYC Podiatry Center of Excellence to the New York Daily News. “Pregnant women should not wear high heels every day.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is on a three-day visit to New York, at which point she will hop back on her fancy lady airplane, kick off her shoes, and fly back to her magical ice castle in the sky. Really, it’s just three days, and if she wants to wear heels then that is all well and good. Do they expect her to wear Crocs? (I wish she would wear Crocs. I would pay actual money to see that.)

While I would not be surprised to hear that every shoe designer in Manhattan sent ballet flats to Kate Middleton’s hotel room the moment she was photographed deplaning in heels, I think we can trust that if she could not handle the heels, she would not be wearing them.

Kate Middleton is a grown woman and a professional wearer of nice clothes who has been pregnant before. She’s got this.

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