All The Kate Middleton Outfits That Showcase Royal Fashion At New Heights

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She slays when she’s dressed down, but dressed up? Untouchable.

Image: Instagram/@katemiddleton_fashion

Shine bright like a diamond, Kate Middleton! As a member of the royal family, Kate has plenty of opportunities to get dressed to the nines in fancy duds. So many formal events! But we especially love that space between black tie and casual – something that requires a little bit of pizzazz, but not full-blown ballgown. Kate thrives in this middle ground, as evidenced by the Missoni dress she wore on her first night in Northern Ireland. The cut of the dress is perfection! We really love the flow of the skirt and the slight bell sleeve. It’s sparkly enough to catch everyone’s eye, but not to be seen from space, which is the perfect amount of sparkle.

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