All The Kate Middleton Outfits That Showcase Royal Fashion At New Heights

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Kate Middleton dressing off-the-rack is a whole mood.

Image: Instagram/@katemiddleton_fashion

Sure, we don’t have a lot in common with Kate Middleton. We don’t live in a palace, or have our choice of priceless tiaras. We don’t have a staff of people around at all times to help manage our lives. As much as it pains us, our hair doesn’t have the body and volume of Kate’s. But it’s fine. WE’RE FINE. Because you know we do have? A Zara store in our local mall. And Kate loves to wear off-the-rack, and Zara is one of her favs. This adorable summer dress is from the store, and she wore it to one of Prince William’s charity polo matches. Perfect for chasing kids around, which is what she spent quite a bit of time doing.

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