Kate Middleton Has A Childhood Scar She’s Not Willing To Talk About

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The always glamorous Kate Middleton turned heads at a recent private charity gala without the royal family present, and although many were taken with her silvery gown, others were more preoccupied with the large scar just off from her hairline.

The three-inch scar was confirmed to be related to a childhood operation, according to a spokesperson at the St James’s Palace. Although the surgery was described as “a very serious operation,” the palace declined to comment further. They described the operation as a “private matter.”

Although Kate is keeping quiet on the reasons for her scar, as she is entitled to, a serious childhood operation could reveal more about her dedication to ill children. The Duchess of Cambridge sent a personal note to a little boy earlier this month who was diagnosed with leukemia. In addition to visiting the boy over the summer, Kate penned a letter to him following the news that his two older sisters were successful donor matches.

While no one needs to have undergone a serious childhood operation to care about the well-being and suffering of children, Kate’s dedication to kids who have been struck by illness could be colored by her own experiences — which she well remembers as a young woman.

Then again, she could have just had a birthmark removed.