Kate Middleton’s Birth Announcement Seems Really Complicated

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kate middleton Trooping the Colour 2013 - The Queen's Birthday Parade - HorseNow that Kim Kardashian has delivered, we can all pivot our eyes across the pond to the next long awaited July 2013 baby. The Royal Baby! But the process by which we will learn of this baby is pretty complicated. And leaves rather gigantic holes for interception.

People magazine reports that Buckingham Palace has a whole song and dance prepared for when Kate Middleton delivers — a meeting of old world and new as they plan to integrate social media with an old-fashioned easel.

After Kate delivers, this is reportedly what will ensue:

Staffers will post a bulletin signed by the medical team on a wooden easel on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, and at the same time an announcement will go out digitally.

The posting on the easel (the same one that was used to announce Prince William’s birth in 1982) will precede any social media announcement and underline the historic traditions of the occasion.

But the first hint that the public will get that there’s some exciting baby news will come when someone from Kensington Palace is spotted leaving the hospital in London with an envelope. They’ll hand it to a member of the royal household who will deliver it to the palace.

When it’s placed on the easel, the sex of the baby will be revealed for the first time.

And let’s hope royal dude doesn’t get mugged for that envelope on his way to back to the palace.

That’s a lot of actual paper/human contact exchange for this day and age. While the royals would definitely be ones to preserve their traditions, I just envision too many moments that could go awry. What if the envelope gets lost? What if the car breaks down? What if one of the “royal household” spills something on the physical announcement? What if that 30+ year old easel suddenly snaps?

Damn it, just send a tweet.