Lounging In A Castle Was Too Much Work, So Pregnant Kate Middleton Took A Babymoon To Relax

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Kate Middleton babymoonIt’s such difficult work to be pregnant royalty. You have to go shopping for maternity clothes and eat lavender shortbread cookies. Poor pregnant Kate Middleton was just overwhelmed.

Thankfully, her hubby, Prince William, finished up his weekend shift at work and decided to take her on a nice little getaway to the exclusive island of Mustique. The couple’s babymoon hasn’t been confirmed by the palace, but royal watchers are pretty sure that the couple left Monday.

Sources also claim that everyone’s favorite baby-makers didn’t hit the beaches alone. They brought along Kate’s parents on the little vacation, though each couple has it’s own separate villas. No squeezing everyone into one condo with two queen-sized beds for these guys.

It should be noted that the inclusion of the in-laws on what’s normally considered to be the last bit of “couple time” before baby comes and keeps everyone up at night is a little out of the ordinary. Then again, most babymoons tend to happen in the third trimester, just a month or so before the little one is set to arrive.

It’s possible that the royal couple is just bucking all tradition, which would be highly uncharacteristic. Either that, or this isn’t the real babymoon. It’s like the pre-babymoon. Or this is just a vacation and months from now they’re going to jet off to another island I’ll never visit and that will be the actual babymoon. Since none of us can actually define what’s special about a babymoon and how it differs from a pregnant person on vacation, the classification is just very difficult.

Either way, what you need to know is that a baby still in utero will most likely get more tropical vacations this year than you will in the next decade. Must be nice to be the royal fetus.

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