In The Grand Tradition Of Fetus Naming, Kate Middleton Has Nicknamed Her Unborn A Fruit

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kate middleton baby nameYou mommies and daddies who are keen to the fetus as fruit game know the timeline. First, it’s a poppy seed. A little later, an olive. Next, we’re looking at lemons, grapefruit, and cantaloupe. But in naming her unborn, Kate Middleton and Prince William have apparently gone for something a little more in the raspberry, blueberry family.

Daily Mail reports that the royal couple have named their unborn “Our Little Grape.” Let’s hope that one makes the birth certificate, Princess Elizabeth Grape of so and so. How very 2013 that would be. Edward Grape, Duke of what have you. Watch those 2013 baby name trends suddenly shift from Katniss to Anna Blueberry and Robert Pear. Fruit middle names will be all the baby naming rage. (You heard it here first).

These days, Our Little Grape is reportedly enjoying some private prenatal yoga classes with mommy Kate Middleton — and making sugar demands left and right. When Kate Middleton isn’t pregnant power walking with her cocker spaniel Lupo, “she’s got sugar on the brain.”

Our Little Grape has a penchant for decaf Starbucks coffee and lots of cookies, chocolates, and cake. Maybe they should have named the baby Mommy’s Favorite Chocolate Starbucks Muffin With A Decaf Latte.