Here Is What You Can Call Kate Middleton’s Baby In Proper Conversation

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a Princess Cruises ship naming ceremony at Ocean TerminalKate Middleton’s unborn child has gone through a couple of names over the course of Royal Bump Watch. From “Our Little Grape” to “Prince” or “Princess,” we’ve had an appetizer’s worth of baby names before getting to, you know, the baby name. To further tantalize your baby naming palate, the royal family has added another course.

Us Weekly reports that just as Queen Elizabeth decreed that her future hypothetical granddaughter would be known as “princess” rather than “lady,” there is now a full title to go along with that “Prince” or “Princess”:

“The royal couple’s child will officially be known as His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge,” a rep for Kensington Palace confirmed to Us Weekly of the royal baby-to-be on Monday, July 8.

As is the custom with baby naming, it’s time to get down to nicknames. Straight out of the gate, I vote POC. It’s gender neutral, meaning that we can keep using the shorthand despite whether we welcome a little prince of princess. P.O.C. can double also a hip hop persona if need be.

According to People magazine, POC will be the first Prince or Princess of Cambridge. Which means, get ready London for the original P.O.C.