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Kate Gosselin Is Enjoying Every Moment With Her Twins Before They Leave for College

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Oh my word, where has the time gone! It seems like just yesterday, we were watching Mady and Cara Gosselin welcome home their SIX new brothers and sisters. We’ve watched them grow into the lovely young women they are today, and now, they’re preparing to leave the nest and venture out on their own. Kate Gosselin is reportedly enjoying every last moment with her twins before they set off for college in the fall. I think every mama can definitely relate to that.

Kate Gosselin posted a picture of Mady on Instagram last week. One of the hashtags she used was #LimitedTimeLeftAtHome.

Twins Cara and Mady turned 17 in October, and are in their final year of high school. When Kate posted a picture to celebrate their birthday, she referenced the bittersweet moment that every parent knows all too well. We raise them from tiny babies, and then they get old enough to fly off on their own. So rude, kids.

“And then you blink, and they TURN SEVENTEEN!! Happy birthday to my girls! My heart hurts because you’re almost adults and will soon leave for college, yet it smiles because I am seeing who you’ve become: brilliant, beautiful, kind, caring, logical, responsible, empathetic, honest, amazing individuals! I love you both SO VERY MUCH!”

Kate has been very open about struggling to prepare for an eventually empty nest. Cara and Mady will be the first to head out on their own, but the sextuplets are already 13! In a just a handful of years, they’ll start to spread their own wings, too.

In a promo for an episode of Kate Plus My 8, the mom of 8 said, “It’s the day I have feared since they were born. To think that when the little kids are in college and my house is empty? I can’t fathom it.”

We completely understand, Kate! It’s never easy to send them out into the world. But we have a feeling Cara and Mady will do just fine.

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