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6 Times Kate Gosselin’s Kids Hate Her In The New ‘Kate Plus 8’ Trailer

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Was the world demanding more Kate Gosselin? Is that how we ended up here, with another Gosselin-filled reality show on our hands? Kate Plus 8 is back come January 13 (yes, we will be recapping) and the trailer for the new season is basically Kate + hair extensions robotically describing life as her kids glare at her from various angles. I think I speak for the entire world when I say: we cannot wait to watch this OMG!

Loathing one’s parents is a pretty universal sentiment – when I was 14 I looked a lot like Kate’s scowling eldest daughters, just with gelled bangs, a 90s attitude and no cameras around to catch my every awkward move. I feel for her kids. Lucky for us Kate offers up plenty of eye-rollable moments, and her kids don’t hold back. Nor should they, IMHO.

Kate’s most hateable moments, according to her kids’ reactions:

1. Picking bedrooms at their Maine vacation house. (TBH this seems like not a big thing to be mad about, when you come from a family of 8 kids. But what do I know, I am not a 10-year-old sextuplet who grew up starring on reality TV with a human potato for a dad.)

2. Dressing up as pilgrims while visiting Plimoth Plantation. She’s already shoved them in matching outfits, so why not this?

3. Forcing her kids to cook and eat the lobsters they caught. This is just mean mom-ing for the sake of getting good TV. In short: Kate is an evil genius.

4. Embarrassing her kids by being scared of a row boat. She deserves years of mockery for this move. Her twins, on the other hand, deserve Oscars for their performance of ‘Mom pretends to love boats but then she’s all AHHHH BOATS.’


5. Inventing the game Bullseye Pumpkin. Anytime your mom starts a sentence with “I thought it would be fun…” RUN FAR FAR AWAY.

6. Making the littles move out of their bedrooms so Mady and Cara can have their own room(s). Kinda torn on this one, because she is doing something nice for the older girls at a time when privacy is of the utmost important. (They deserve a space to cry while listening to R.E.M. What…just me?) But where the hell are the little kids going to sleep? In Zorro the bird’s cage?

The trailer ends on a sad note, with Kate saying “I feel so overwhelmed lately that it’s sometimes hard to stay positive.” Sure, I feel bad for Kate, but not bad enough. She’s choosing to star on her own reality show and Celebrity Apprentice (airing in January, too) , and I’m sure being around Donald Trump’s feather hair would make anyone feel like garbage. Chin up, Kate! Your misery makes great TV.

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